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Từ Điển Anh Việt ” Arrived Là Gì ? Nghĩa Của Từ Arrive

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Đang xem: Arrived là gì

We use the verb arrive with at or in to talk about ‘coming to’, ‘getting to’ or ‘reaching’ a place where a journey ends. If we see the destination as a point, we say arrive at. If we see it as a larger area, we say arrive in: …
A publisher who arrived late on the market or who miscalculated the demand for an ordinary, “mid-list” book could be punished with a heavy loss.
She argues, then, that learners incorporate phonological and distributional information to arrive at adult syntactic representations.
These deficits could also include difficulties with impulse control that might further undermine the ability to arrive at effective choices.
Far from providing a genuine opportunity to be musically creative, this type of activity restricts the students to arriving at the correct answer.
But for the static case, this enhancement arrives at the maximum while for the dynamic case, this enhancement disappears before the maximum.
By interviewing only senior partners you inevitably arrive not only at those relatively senior in years but those not educated in a cad environment.
The key to arriving at consistent accounting is “implicit tax ” inherent in public pension systems relying on mandatory contributions while being completely or partially unfunded.
By the turn of the century, riding astride had arrived for good and equestrian fashions soon followed.
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