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Question: Rhythm of Nhan lesson?

The answer:

Rhetorical measures of the Nhan lesson:

– The word “one” counts: one…, one…. -> review the necessary items -> show stubbornness, certainty, steadfastness, readiness, but walking still shows the author’s comfort, walking and counting.

Use the words listed:

+ Food: Autumn (bamboo shoots), winter (price)

+ Activities: spring (bathing in the lotus pond), summer (bathing in the pond)

-> picture of four seasons with different flavors and colors, living in harmony with nature.

=> concept of leisurely living: living according to nature, enjoying seasonally available food in the countryside without having to pray and compete.

Let’s join the Top solution for more detailed analysis of Nhan post to see clearly the rhetorical measures of Nhan!

Analysis of the Leisure lesson – Sample lesson 1

Nguyen Binh Khiem is a man with profound education, used to be an official, but because of the unjust school landscape, he denounced the official to live in seclusion; Live a peaceful and peaceful life. He is also known as a famous poet with two collections of Chinese poems “Bach Van am thi Tap” and a collection of Nom poems “Bach Van Quoc Ngu Thi”. The poem “Nhan” was taken from the collection of poems “Bach Van am thi Tap”. The poem is written in the form of seven words, eight sentences, and is the voice of Nguyen Binh Khiem’s ​​heart about a life full of joy, peace and serenity in the countryside.

Throughout the poem “Nhan” is the soul filled with joy and purity in the author’s soul. This can be seen as the highlight, the main spirit of the poem. With only 8 lines of poetry, Nguyen Binh Khiem has brought readers a peaceful life in the quiet countryside.

The poem begins with two very simple lines:

One day, one hoe, one fishing rod

Poetry no matter who has fun

With the repetition of “one” – “one” has drawn before the reader’s eyes an idyllic, simple scene in the poor countryside, though alone, but not alone. The two verses exude the purity of the soul and the calmness of nature in the northern countryside. “A pickaxe”, “a fishing rod” evokes the simplicity and simplicity of a simple farmer. The image of Nguyen Binh Khiem appears as a leisurely, leisurely farmer with elegant hobbies of fishing and gardening. This can be said to be the dream life of many people in the old antagonist era, but not everyone can leave the official place and return to the countryside like this. The verb “to wander” in the second verse has created a gentle and gentle rhythm for the reader. Although people are happy outside in crowded places, Nguyen Binh Khiem still ignores it, still leaves it to “be at peace” with his current life. His life is admired by many.

The next two real verses depict more clearly the portrait of “old farmer Nguyen Binh Khiem”.

I am stupid, I am looking for a peaceful place

Nguoi khon nguoi den chon lao xao

This can be seen as the living declaration of Nguyen Binh Khiem in the years after the mandarin returned to hiding. He considers himself “foolish” when looking for a secluded place to live, but this is a “fool” that makes many people jealous and admire. He is very skillful in using unique words that fully describe his style. He said that those who choose the official position are the “wise”. A very subtle way of complimenting, complimenting but criticizing, can also be complimenting yourself and criticizing others. The four poems in these two sentences are completely opposite from each other from the language to the meaning of “wild” – “wise”, “empty” – “disturbed”. Is Nguyen Binh Khiem looking for a secluded place to live to avoid responsibility for the country? With such a situation now and with his personality, the “desolate place” is really the place for him to live for the rest of his life. A noble character, an admirable soul.

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Two poems have suggested to readers about the simple, simple and noble life of Nguyen Binh Khiem:

Autumn eat bamboo shoots winter eat price

Spring bathing in the lotus pond in the summer bathing in the pond

A couple of sentences have described all the daily life and food of the “poor farmer”. Every season corresponds to that food, although there is no taste, these available foods are rich in the taste of home, making the author peaceful and satisfied. In autumn there are bamboo shoots in the forest, in winter they eat sprouts. With just a few touches, Nguyen Binh Khiem “smartly” complimented the nature of the North, which is very generous and full of food. In particular, the verse “Spring bathing in the lake, summer in the pond” outlines a few gentle and simple lines, but exudes an incomparable elegance. A life that seems to have only the author and nature, a harmonious relationship of mind.

The two closing verses seem to summarize Nguyen Binh Khiem’s ​​spirit, character and thoughts:

Wine to the tree we will drink

Looking at wealth is like a dream

These two verses are the philosophy and extraction of Nguyen Binh Khiem during his time in hiding. For such a talented and intelligent person, being truly rich is not a dream. When he passed Poinsettia, money and wealth for him were actually not lacking, but that was not what he thought about and was ambitious about. With the rich man just “like a dream”, like a dream, when he wakes up, it will dissolve, it will be over. This can be seen as the most profound and philosophical view. For a man who is elegant and likes to live comfortably, wealth is just like nothingness, he loves his country but loves in the most silent way. The unique comparison has given the two final sentences a perfect quartet.

Thus with 8 verses, the poem “Nhan” by Nguyen Binh Khiem has made readers admire and admire his personality, spirit and demeanor. As a patriot, who likes peace and respects character, deserves to be an example worth learning. The strict structure of the lyric poem, the simple but deep meaning of the four poems, exuded the soul and personality of Nguyen Binh Khiem. To this day, he is still admired by many people.

Analysis of Leisure Lessons – Sample Lesson 2

Nguyen Binh Khiem (1491-1585) was born in Trung Am village, Ly Hoc commune, Vinh Bao district, on the outskirts of Hai Phong, he passed the poinsettia in 1535 and became a mandarin under the Mac dynasty. He left behind a collection of poems written in Chinese characters called Bach Van am thi (about 700 poems) and a collection of poems written in Nom Bach Van Quoc Ngu (about 170 poems). Nguyen Binh Khiem’s ​​poetry is full of philosophy and teaching, praising the high will of the scholar and praising the concept of a leisurely life, and at the same time criticizing the evils in contemporary society.

Nhan is a Nom poem in the book Bach Van Quoc Ngu. The title of the poem was given by later people. The poem is like a deep and profound confidant, affirming the concept of leisure life in harmony with nature, maintaining a noble character, upright temperament, and surpassing trivial fame and gain.

The first two verses reflect the leisurely and leisurely life of Nguyen Binh Khiem:

A plum, a hoe, a fishing rod,

Poetry no matter who has fun.

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Quan Trang living in the middle of the countryside is now like an “old farmer tri Dien”, making friends every day with labor tools such as apricots to dig the ground, hoe to dig, fishing rods to fish, etc.; , The clear use of adjectives shows that all have become close and familiar in his life.

The verse brings us back to the simple and simple life of the old days of “creating the province of Canh Dien” (digging wells for drinking water, plowing fields for food) in the past. Quan Trang is wearing a fancy hat, a great position, and a lot of benefits, but suddenly she throws everything away to return to a “self-sufficient” life, which is already: an arrogance before the greed of fame. , greedy. Arrogant but not brazen, just pure, primitive, honest peasant:

Poetry no matter who has fun.

The two words “Threesome” skillfully reflect the leisurely style and relaxed mood of the person who claims to have shunned the mundane world full of greed, hatred, and delusion; in the heart is no longer entangled in plots and plans. Joy appears in every leisurely and leisurely step. Joy dominates the whole melody of the poem, being strangely gentle, light-hearted, and serene. The phrase no matter who has fun, still shows the poet’s steadfast stance against the chosen lifestyle. The word ai is a frivolous pronoun, used by the author in this verse with a very broad meaning, the more you think about it, the more interesting it becomes.

Nguyen Binh Khiem admonished the mandarin, returning to his hometown means returning to nature. Living in harmony with nature means getting rid of the competition of customs, no longer being attracted by money and status, so that the soul can be peaceful and spacious:

I am stupid, I am looking for a peaceful place

Nguoi khon nguoi den chon lao xao.

The noble personality Nguyen Binh Khiem is as opposed to fame and gain as water and fire. Emptiness is the opposite of chaos, I am opposite of people. Finding a secluded place is not a retreat from life, it is finding a place where you enjoy yourself, live comfortably, peacefully, far from the dangerous place of honor and humiliation. A deserted place is a place where there is no need to be bridged or crowded. A deserted place is a place where nature is green, bringing serenity to the soul. The bustling place is the place where the right door is empty, the flag is open, the road is busy with horses and carriages. Going to a place of chaos is going to a bustling market place, where people are jostled, pushed and trampled on each other to win rights, to honor the family. This is a place of great danger.

Trang Trinh Nguyen Binh Khiem is a scholar with extremely clear wisdom. Wise in the choice: We are foolish, we seek a deserted place, even though: The wise, the people come to a noisy place. Wise in the way of joking, witty, opposite meaning: foolish but actually wise, still wise but turned foolish.

In another poem, Nguyen Binh Khiem wrote:

Wise and malicious is foolishness,

That gentle fool is wise.

(Nom Poetry)

Thus, the foolish and wise conception of Nguyen Binh Khiem comes from the wisdom and philosophy of folklore: In sage, meets good; in evil meets evil.

The life of the great man in Bach Van am so frugal but noble:

Eat bamboo shoots in autumn, eat price in winter,

Spring bathing in lotus pond, summer bathing in pond.

Two verses describe the scene of simple but equally interesting life in the countryside with four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The poet talks about daily activities such as eating and bathing, although it is extremely simple, but it is interesting that every season is available, without having to search hard mentally, such a simple life allows people are free, free, do not have to bend over, pray next to others, do not need to pursue fame and fortune, not be constrained or bound to any discipline.

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The rustic and rustic foods such as bamboo shoots and bean sprouts are all homegrown, made by themselves, by their own efforts. Eating already, still staying, still living? Quan Trang now also swims in a lotus pond and bathes in clothes like many other villagers.

As a philosopher with profound wisdom, Nguyen Binh Khiem has mastered the reason of change and understood the laws of the Creator and of society. According to him, the wisdom of a righteous man is to turn his back on fame and gain, find relaxation for the soul, and live in harmony with pure nature.

The poet’s clear vision and intelligence are most concentrated in the last two verses. The poet looks to the “drunk” to “sober up” and he is more awake than ever:

Wine, come to the tree, I will drink,

Seeing wealth is like a dream.

Quan Trang affirmed once again his choice of a leisurely lifestyle. This leisurely life is the result of an unusual personality and intellect. Wise wisdom realizes that fame, wealth, and nobility are just like a dream. Wisdom enhances personality, makes the stance more stable so that the poet has enough determination to give up the place of the bureaucracy and fame and gain, and find a place where nature is deserted but pure and noble to nourish the spirit, keep the two words of kindness.

Leisure is a very common theme in medieval poetry. Leisure is a very profound thought and culture of the ancients, especially of the intelligentsia. Living leisurely in harmony with nature, in accordance with the cultivation of personality, has the conditions to nourish life, prolong life. Leisurely living brings healthy pleasures to people. Knowing how to live leisurely, knowing how to find leisure is a great philosophical doctrine.

Nguyen Binh Khiem’s ​​concept of leisure life is not for the purpose of avoiding physical hardship and toil, turning his back on society, only worrying about his own leisure life, he thinks that leisurely life is to stay away from places. nobility and fame, which he called a place of turmoil. Leisure is living in harmony with nature, returning to nature to cultivate the mind. Nguyen Binh Khiem was at ease but not at ease, always guarding his love for the country and taking care of the people. In the context of contemporary feudal society that has shown signs of moral decline, Nguyen Binh Khiem’s ​​concept of a leisurely life has many positive elements.

Portrait of Nguyen Binh Khiem is expressed quite clearly through the leisurely poem. From that simple, rustic portrait exudes the beauty of noble personality and great intellectual beauty of the great Confucian whose name is forever known.

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