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Set of 3 exam questions for grade 2, Literature 6, communication skills in 2022-2023, Tran Khai Nguyen Secondary School

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Bộ 3 đề thi HK2 môn Ngữ văn 6 KNTT năm 2022-2023 trường THCS Trần Khai Nguyên -

TRAN KHAI NGUYEN Secondary School

Semester 2 exam questions

SCHOOL YEAR: 2022 – 2023

Subject: Literature 6 KNTT

Time: 60 minutes (Not including the time of assignment)

I. READING (3.0 points)

Read the following excerpt and answer the questions:

“The next morning, the ground was still covered with snow, but the sun was up, clear, brilliant in the pale blue sky. Everyone happily left the house.

On that cold morning, in a corner of the wall, one saw a little girl with rosy cheeks and smiling lips. I died of cold on New Year’s Eve…”

(The Little Match Girl – Andersen)

Questions 1. Find words in the vocabulary field”nature” in text.

Verse 2. Find compound sentence in the text above.

Verse 3. Analyze and determine the meaningful relationship between the clauses in that compound sentence.

II. WRITE WORKS (7.0 points)

Write an explanatory essay (about 400 words) describing an event (festival) that you have attended and witnessed.

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I. READING (3.0 points)

Questions 1.

– Vocabulary about nature: snow, sun, earth, sky.

Verse 2.

Compound sentence: The next morning, the ground was still covered with snow, but the sun had risen, clear, brilliant in the pale blue sky.

Verse 3.

Next morning: Adverb

snow: Thread 1

still covering the ground: predicate 1

But: Connection

sun: topic 2

up, clear, bright in the light blue sky: predicate 2

– Relationship: Contrast (But)


Write an explanatory essay (about 400 words) describing an event (festival) that you have attended and witnessed.

reference work

As a student, everyone has a dream on the first day of school. But the opening day of Hoang Liet Secondary School left a beautiful impression on me and those impressions will stay in my heart forever.

The first day of school, it was a warm sunny day covering the landscape. Warm weather… According to the school’s announcement, since last night I have fully prepared everything necessary with an indescribably happy mood. Because in front of my eyes is a whole new sky: friends, teachers, schools… are all brand new. Years ago, after three months of summer vacation, we returned to the familiar school roof with rows of trees, benches, etc., imprinted with memories of the times we played with friends. This year, I have entered a new school year. A new and good start.

The first part is the parade, each class going through the stage is mentioned by the teachers about their outstanding achievements in the past school year, especially to welcome the 6th graders entering their first school year. the first years of secondary school. After the parade, the flag-raising ceremony took place solemnly. Next, the teacher in charge announced the reason, introduced the delegates and invited the vice-principal of the school to read the letter of the President. Such letters I have heard many times in each of the previous opening ceremonies when I was still in school, but perhaps today is the first time that I feel such emotions. My most emotional moment was when I heard the principal give the opening speech, launch an emulation to welcome the new school year and beat the drum to open the school. The drum set on the stage today is beautiful glossy mahogany brown, beautifully decorated, especially the drum face. The drumstick is made of a red scarf wrapped around the knob. The drum sounded, my soul was soaring. Mixed with the resounding drum is the deep voice of a teacher reading a comment about the drum sound coming from the chicken wings. The lyrics are heroic, going deep into people’s hearts, reminding the young generation of the nation’s glorious past to strive for the future. I can clearly see the emotion in this moment, just like me. That drum will follow me for the rest of my life. The sound of drums echoes to the tops of the trees, flows in the breeze, and hangs on the clouds of the September autumn sky. It occurred to me that the sound of the drum at the opening of the school year could represent the Vietnamese autumn, or at least autumn for me and the students.

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The last part of the ceremony, which is also the part that attracts the most attention of the entire school’s students, is the flag-raising ceremony. The cultural program consists of 5 performances with all genres: singing, dancing, and rhythmic gymnastics. I watched the musical performances and couldn’t help but marvel at the talent of my school’s students. All students, teachers as well as delegates could not take their eyes off the stage before these very attractive performances. Many people expressed their belief in the school’s comprehensive education for students.

For me, this is the opening ceremony that I remember the most because I have entered a new page of my life, become more mature, love school, love class more.


Part I (5.0 points):

For the text:

(…) My village has no shortage of trees, but these two maples are different – they have their own voices and must have their own souls, filled with soothing lyrics. No matter what time of day we come here, day or night, they tilt the tree trunks, shake the branches and whisper incessantly in different tones. Sometimes like the sound of tidal waves crashing on the sandy shore, sometimes like an earnest whisper through the leaves like an invisible flame, sometimes the two maple trees suddenly fell silent. for a moment, then all the branches and leaves sighed as if mourning someone. And when the dark clouds came with the storm, breaking branches, pruning leaves, the two maples swayed their supple bodies and roared like wildfire.

Questions 1. Which text does the above passage belong to? Whose? State the origin of the text.

Verse 2. Who is the “I” character in the passage? What role does that character play in the text?

Verse 3. Identify and analyze the structure of compound sentences in the passage. Indicate the position of the compound sentence relative to the passage.

Verse 4. Find at least two onomatopoeic words and two ideograms in the passage and state their effects in expressing the content.

Question 5. Childhood memories always have a special meaning for each person. With inspiration drawn from the passage with the above sentences, write a short paragraph about a deep memory you have.

Part II (5.0 points):

The text “Information about Earth Day 2000” reads: (…) The use of plastic packaging can be harmful to the environment due to the non-biodegradable nature of plastic. Currently, in Vietnam every day, millions of plastic bags are discharged, some of which are collected and most of them are thrown indiscriminately in public places, ponds and rivers.

Questions 1. Can you tell me when is Earth Day? In what year was it initiated and when did Vietnam join?

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Verse 2. State the content of the passage.

Verse 3. In fact, many supermarkets, stores, … have used paper bags and other environmentally friendly bags to replace plastic bags. Write a narrative paragraph introducing one of those bags.

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Part I (5.0 points):

Questions 1.

– Artwork: Two Maples

– Author: Ai-maitop

– Origin: extract from the story First teacher

Verse 2.

– My character: painter, storyteller

– Role:

+ The narrative circuit of my character is the main narrative circuit in the work.

+ Make the story more realistic and engaging.

+ Make the story more emotional

Verse 3.

– Compound sentence:

My village: Thread 1

no shortage of plants: predicate 1

But: Connection

these two maples: topic 2

distinctive: predicate 2.

– Location: Standing at the beginning of the paragraph affirms the beauty of the soul of two maple trees.

Verse 4.

– Onomatopoeia: murmur, murmur

– Pictograms: supple, leaning, blazing forest

– Function:

+ The image of two maple trees appears vivid and attractive

+ Highlighting the rich and diverse soul beauty of two maple trees.

Question 5.

– What is that childhood memory? Where does it take place? On time?

– The development of that memory

– What memories left you with a deep impression and lesson?

Part II (5.0 points):

Questions 1.

– April 22 is Earth Day

– Initiated in 1970

– Vietnam joined in 2000

Verse 2.

– Content: the danger of plastic packaging to the environment and the situation of plastic bags being thrown indiscriminately.

Verse 3.

– What kind of bags are you going to explain: cloth bags, paper bags?

– The history of that type of bag

—(To see the full content of Exam No. 2, please watch online or log in to download)—



I. Multiple choice (2 points)

Read the passage carefully and answer the question by choosing the letter before the correct answer.

The enemy has reached the foot of Trau mountain. Everyone was both worried and afraid, just at that moment, the work Giong needed was done, the messenger hastily brought an iron horse, iron rod, and iron armor. Giong stood up and stretched to become a muscular man, put on armor, poked the horse’s butt with a whip, the horse neighed. Giong jumped on the horse, the horse spewed fire straight to the enemy, Giong swung his whip, dozens of enemy soldiers died like stubble, the enemy could not run, being beaten by Giong’s iron rod. Suddenly, the iron whip broke. Giong hastily plucked bamboo dust by the roadside as a weapon. The enemy broke up, trampled on each other and fled, Giong spurred his horse to chase to the foot of Soc Son mountain. Arriving at the place, the hero alone went to the top of the mountain, took off his armor, and then both the horse and the man slowly flew up into the sky.

Questions 1: What does the above passage refer to?

A. Smart baby

B. Painted glass

C. Thach Sanh

D. Saint Giong

Verse 2: What is the main mode of expression of the passage above?

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A. Autobiography

B. Description

C. Expression

D. Discourse

Question 3: Which of the following is a noun phrase?

The hero then plucked bamboo clumps on the side of the road to fight the enemy

A. Knight Spitting

B. Bamboo grove by the roadside

C. fight the enemy

D. bamboo groves on the side of the road to fight the enemy

Verse 4: What do the following details mean?

“There, alone on a horse, the hero ascends to the top of the mountain, takes off his armor left behind, and then the man and the horse slowly ascend to the sky.”

A. The image of Giong is immortal in the hearts of the people

B. Giong sacrificed himself for a great cause, not seeking fame and profit

C. Remnants of the feat Giong left for his homeland and country.

D. All ABC

II. Essay

Describe an art festival at school that you had the opportunity to attend.

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II. Essay

reference work

Autumn morning is clear and cool. Under the arch of the ancient tree emerged slogans on the canvas stretched in front of the school gate. “Warmly welcome Vietnamese Teachers’ Day”.

Each class of students gathered to sit neatly in front of the school’s outdoor stage, colorful clothes, scarlet scarves. On the rows of seats close to the two sides of the stage, the teachers in the school sat neatly in ethnic ao dai or polite suits. The principal sat next to the representative of the Parents’ Association. Major Phan An, a representative of the dual-army unit, was also present.

—(To see the full content of Exam 3, please watch online or log in to download)—

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#The #test #test #HK2 #subject #Language #literature #KNTT #year #school #secondary school #Tran #Khai #Nguyen


#The #test #test #HK2 #subject #Language #literature #KNTT #year #school #secondary school #Tran #Khai #Nguyen


#The #test #test #HK2 #subject #Language #literature #KNTT #year #school #secondary school #Tran #Khai #Nguyen


#The #test #test #HK2 #subject #Language #literature #KNTT #year #school #secondary school #Tran #Khai #Nguyen


#The #test #test #HK2 #subject #Language #literature #KNTT #year #school #secondary school #Tran #Khai #Nguyen


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