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As parents, everyone wants their children to be smart, calculate quickly and achieve good academic results. How to teach math to 5-6 year olds effectively? Tran Hung Dao High School will advise parents on the best parenting methods that any parent can self-apply in teaching their child.

Why teach math to 5-6 year olds?

5-6 years old is the period when children are about to enter 1st grade, so learning letters and numbers is almost a must. And for children to be able to absorb the lesson well, keep up with the progress with their classmates and the teacher’s lectures, teaching math for 5-6 year olds plays an extremely important role.

In addition, at this age, children cannot learn by themselves and their self-discipline is not high. Therefore, parents need to invest time and study what is an effective and appropriate way to teach their children to create excitement for children in every lesson.

Teaching math to 5-6 year olds – What to teach?

When starting to teach math to 5-6 year old children need to teach what is the common question of many parents. Accordingly, the roadmap for teaching math for children should start from basic to advanced content, suitable for the child’s age.

  • Number recognition: Parents should teach children to recognize numbers and signs and understand the concept of addition and subtraction in numbers.
  • Differentiate shapes: Teach your baby to distinguish between squares, circles, triangles, rectangles… The above knowledge is the foundation for teaching children to learn math quickly that any parent should understand.
  • Big-small distinction: To teach children to distinguish and compare big-small, parents can give examples for their children to understand from objects that children touch and hold every day such as bowls, spoons or toys. This is the easiest way to learn as well as help children easily remember the names of objects in the house.
  • Distinguish between heavy and light: Distinguishing between heavy and light is also an issue that parents need to teach their children when they start learning math. For your child to remember deeply, teach and give examples from everyday reality through daily activities.
  • Distinguish between high and low: Teach children to distinguish between high and low so that they can think and compare and calculate. This will help your child understand what comparisons mean.

Once your child has grasped these concepts, parents should start teaching math to 5-6 year olds using age appropriate methods.

8 most effective methods of teaching math for 5-6 year olds

The most effective methods of teaching math for 5-6 year olds that are highly appreciated by many parents include:

Let children learn in their own study corner

Design a separate study corner for your child instead of teaching them to study on the dining table, in bed or lying on the carpet. Sitting in the study corner will help children focus and create interest in learning in children.

Note, the children’s study corner should choose a quiet place with enough light and, if possible, decorate it according to the child’s preferences so that the child can find joy in learning.

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Start teaching basic numbers

Learning to count is the first step in the journey of teaching math to 5-6 year olds. The first is to learn to count from 0 to 10, at this time parents should count with their children until their children memorize and receive the dial. To make sure your child remembers the sequence of numbers, it’s a good idea to randomly check his old work from time to time so he doesn’t forget.

Please patiently accompany and learn with your baby, only when the child remembers correctly and reads fluently, the parents will let the child count jumps 2 units, 3 units.

Just like learning letters, to make your child’s math learning more effective, combine play and learning or fun with rewards. It is important to create a happy atmosphere in children to stimulate their curiosity to learn.

Teaching math begins to recognize numbers from 0 - 10. (Photo: Internet Collection)

Make sure your child understands basic addition and subtraction concepts

The simplest way to learn addition and subtraction is for parents to give an example of a favorite toy or food. For example, ask your child the questions “I have 1 doll, give me 1 doll, how many dolls do I have in all” or “I have a car, take one from me and ask if I have an umbrella.” I don’t”. Which car is there?”… Remember when talking, parents must make movements so that children can easily visualize and have correct answers.

It is important to teach children to learn addition and subtraction with numbers that are small and simple for them to get used to.

Teach children the right speed

Teaching math for 5-6-year-old children at the first stage, parents should teach their children at a slow pace so that they can get used to and learn to think gradually. At this time, children’s calculations are not fast, so sometimes they may be wrong or slow, so parents should choose the appropriate teaching speed according to the learning progress of their children.

Learn to count anytime, anywhere

It is a fact that parents can teach math to 5-6 year olds anywhere, not just at home. For example, when walking down the street, going to the park, going shopping, you can teach your baby to learn math through your objects and food. This is an extremely effective way of teaching children that has been applied and successful by many mothers around the world.

Link math skills with real-life problem solving

As shared, you can teach math to your child anywhere. And often connect math learning with problems in life so that your child can remember and understand the lesson in the most detail.

This is also a way to help children increase their living capital through practical experiences.

Mathematics is a subject that requires high thinking in children, so it is necessary to create a comfortable psychology for children when learning.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Combine learning math with playing games

Teaching children math through games is the most effective way to help children absorb the lesson. Therefore, parents should spend more time playing and learning with their children. This is both a way to cultivate affection, and a way for parents to better understand their children and have appropriate parenting methods.

Encourage and reward your child

Rewards are always a great source of spiritual encouragement whether children or adults. So, when your child is doing well in school, don’t hesitate to give him encouragement and gifts that he likes. These things will motivate you to try harder every day.

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No need to be an expert, parents can still help their children learn Math effectively at home with the following 3 ways

If the family cannot afford to hire a private tutor for their child, parents can still take advantage of the time to teach math to their 5-6 year old child in simple but highly practical ways such as:

Counting objects

Teach math to 5-6 year olds by counting with your child’s favorite household objects or toys. This will help the child to have better agile thinking.

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Game 1: Quick hands and eyes

With the game of quick hands and eyes, please take advantage of old newspapers, or calendars to draw pictures of animals, with different colors and sizes. Then let the children choose the animals on the picture according to the questions given by the parents in the allotted time. If the child finds the answer in the fastest time, that child wins.

This game will be more fun if there are many children playing, this will create a happy atmosphere and stimulate the spirit of curiosity in children.

Use a variety of colors and eye-catching shapes to teach your baby to learn from real objects.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Game 2: Count the right amount

Grab a counter, toy, card, or any other object to challenge your child to count the correct number in his hand. This game will teach children to count correctly. Be flexible with puzzles and gradually increase the difficulty to stimulate children’s thinking.

Game 3: Write numbers

Writing numbers is one of the important skills when teaching math to 5-6 year olds. If your child already knows a simple sequence of numbers, now is the time for parents to let him write, draw on the board according to the numbers he remembers or the numbers you ask him to write.

Based on the number writing game, parents can know how far their child’s learning ability is to make appropriate adjustments.

Game 4: Pick the right number

A set of math cards, or a jigsaw puzzle with numbers, will help parents and children play this game of choosing the right number. Just read it and ask your child to choose the correct number. This game helps your child recognize numbers faster.

Game 5: Match Numbers

Parents can play with their children by holding any number and asking them to find the number before or after that number.

Learn together Tran Hung Dao High School Math

Tran Hung Dao High School Math for children to familiarize and practice elementary concepts of Math through illustrations of surrounding objects, close to children, not teaching children stereotypes but teaching children about thinking so that children can understand themselves. important problem. This is also a way for children to feel that Math is very close to life, not just a subject.

Simultaneously, Tran Hung Dao High School Math also supports children to review Math knowledge at school through more than 60+ Math topics to help children develop logical thinking, master Math genres such as: Counting & Number Set, Calculus & Thinking Algebra, Counts & Decimals, Measurement, Geometry, Space & Time, Data & Charts.

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Teaching children to learn math, parents need to be patient, do not yell at children.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Notes in the process of teaching math for 5-6 year olds

In the process of teaching math to 5-6-year-old children, parents need to pay attention to the following issues to help their child’s math learning achieve the best results.

  • Eye-catching learning tools: It is recommended to use tools, learning cards, numbers with eye-catching and fun colors that are suitable for children’s interests. This will stimulate children’s curiosity and curiosity.
  • Always be patient in teaching your child: Any method of teaching math to 5-6 year olds requires patience from parents, so don’t yell or get angry when your child doesn’t understand the lesson or doesn’t get what you want. parents. Because each child has a different capacity and thinking, it is not advisable to compare and put pressure on children. Instead, always listen and encourage your child to learn better next time.
  • Combine with reality: Parents should combine learning from books with practical experience, because these are all effective ways of learning.
  • Easy-to-understand teaching language: Use gentle, easy-to-understand language for children to absorb the lesson fastest.
  • Encourage your child: Give your child words of encouragement and small gifts to boost their spirits.
  • Do not force children to learn: Parents should not force or force their children to study too much in the early stages, because this will make children tired and disgusted with learning.

Here are the shares of Tran Hung Dao High School Methods of teaching math for 5-6 year old children. Hope the sharing of Tran Hung Dao High School will help parents and children have fun moments with numbers and calculations. For a bright future of their children, from today, parents should spend a lot of time and investment to help their children have a solid knowledge base!

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