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As we all know, the 3 great cavalry that need to be avoided when building a house or buying a house or doing other great things are Kim Lau – Hoang Oc – Tam Tai.

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To understand the harm of committing these 3 great taboos, please follow today’s article and summarize for me some useful references.



1, What is the Golden Age?

In the Sino-Vietnamese sense, “Kim is gold, Lau is house” means a golden house, a golden house and the origin of the term Kim Lau is derived from the old notion that the daughter of the king, the nobility, will choose to marry Building a house will choose to organize in the age of Kim Lau to have a prosperous life with electricity and pearls. Therefore, the kings and mandarins wanted gold and silver to live a rich life without being married, changing their fortunes, so they forbade commoners to get married and build a house in the year of Kim Lau’s age.


The owner of the year of the Dragon zodiac is suitable for the Hau Thien Ba Quai figure

2, Is it okay for Pham Hoang Oc to build a house?

The issue of whether Hoang Oc can build a house, buy a house, or repair a house, whether or not it will depend on Hoang Oc when making a house. Because the fortune of Hoang Oc in the feng shui horoscope includes 6 signs with 3 good and 3 bad signs, so it is not every age to build a Hoang Oc house that is limited or should not be done. Specifically, the meanings of the Royal Houses in house building include:

Nhat Cat Hoang Oc (Good Palace): It is advisable to build a house to have stability, all favorable things, and good fortune to enter the house; Nhi Nghi Hoang Oa (Good Palace): This is the sign that brings money, good business. Profit, prosperity, wealth, wealth;Wild Oc Tam slaying (Bad Palace): Making a house guilty of Hoang Oc Tam killing, homeowners are prone to diseases, wasting property or losing their lives. Good supply): building a house in the year of Hoang Oc Tan Tai, the owner brings good fortune, so he buys, repairs or builds a house. scene, turbulence, discord between the top and the bottom. Wilderness Luc Hoang Oc (Bad bow): Making a house of crime Hoang Oc causes bad luck, difficult promotion, loss of fame.

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Therefore, the age of Hoang Oc making a house can be possible or not and whether it is possible or not, whether it is okay or not will depend on whether the age of housework and meeting the Royal Palace is good or bad.

– If you commit a crime when building a house, repairing a house or buying a house but belong to the good Royal Houses such as: Nhat Cat, Nhi Nghi, Tu Tan Tai, you should build a house without any mistakes, even have more fortune. , prosperous family. Therefore, these are the years when Hoang Oc was born, the owner should build a house when.

– If you commit a crime when building a house under a bad sign, such as: Hoang Oc Tam, Ngu Tho Tu and Luc Hoang Oc, you should definitely avoid building a house so as not to encounter misfortunes on yourself and your family from bad business. depression, illness, family turmoil, incompetent children ruin everything, people living in the house cannot meet good things.

So the advice we give you is that if you’re building a house, you need to know the good and bad signs of life and luck when building a house to choose and avoid ensuring fortune, prosperity, avoid conflict, and family failure. .

3, How to calculate Hoang Oc as the most standard house

How to calculate the age of Hoang Oc to build, repair, buy a house or how to calculate the age of Hoang Oc Pham Hoang Oc is important for deciding which year to choose to build, repair, build a house or buy a new house to avoid bad luck and attract good fortune. prosperity for the family. The concept of how to calculate the term Hoang Oc will be calculated according to the principle of Kim Lau Hoang Oc’s hand, which is based on the hand to calculate the age of making a house, which is what Hoang Oc is.

Hoang Oc has 6 arcs calculated according to the ages from 10 to 60 years old with specific age regulations as:

10 years old: Nhat Cat

20 years old: Nhi Nghi

30 years old: Tam Di Sha

40 years old: Tu Tan Tai

50 years old: Ngu Tho Tu

60: Luc Hoang Oc

And the end of this cycle will be the beginning of the old rule of 70 years old Nhat Cat, 80 years old Nhi Nghi, 90 years old Tam Sat…

When calculating the age of Hoang Oc to build a house for the age of less than ten – odd age, it is calculated in circular order but choose the starting arc from the even age.

Below is a list of brief age tables to determine the age to avoid: The ages to avoid building a house are the ages in the following table: 12; 14; 15; 18; 21; 23; 24; 27; 29; 30; 32; 33; 36; 38; 39; 41; 42; 45; 47; 48; 50; 51; 54; 56; 57; 60; 63; 65; 66; 69; 72; 74; 75.

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4, How to neutralize Hoang Oc when building a house, buying a house

The way to resolve the term Hoang Oc when repairing and building a house is similar to Kim Lau, but it should be noted that this method only works for the ground breaking. That is, when it is necessary to buy a house and build a house at the age of five, the owner of the Hoang Oc family can proceed with the construction if applying the solution of the Hoang Oc term before building a house is to borrow someone else’s age.

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Accordingly, the owner of Pham 3 palace Hoang Oc Tam, Ngu Tho Tu or Luc Hoang Oc needs to find someone with a beautiful age in the year who does not commit Kim Lau, Hoang Oc, Tam Tai to name when the groundbreaking ceremony, move into a new home. When the homeowner stays in a good year, they can hold a ceremony to buy and sell houses in the name of the house.


1, What is the term Tam Tai?

In the Sino-Vietnamese sense: “Tam is 3” and “Tai is disaster”, so the term Tam Tai is understood as a term of 3 consecutive years for an age. The concept of Tam Tai drought for human life is inevitable and the rule is that every 12 years, there will be 3 consecutive years of Tam Tai drought including: Fire Tai, Water Tai and Phong Tai.

Therefore, according to the concept that the years of committing Tam Tai are bad years and should avoid doing big things because it is difficult to succeed, easy to fail, and encounter many difficulties.

2, Can Pham Tam Tai build a house?

In the concept of choosing a year to make a beautiful house, always avoid years that have a Tam Tai age in building a house to avoid encountering obstacles, difficulties and disasters in life. In particular, the term Tam Tai, the severity of the impact will depend on the age and stars. Normally, people with Tam Tai drought will have bad luck in a row for 3 years, causing trouble in terms of property and fortune. However, if the year of Tam Tai has a mutual destiny with the year and good stars, there will be a drought but it is not too heavy, someone will help. And if the year of Tam Tai is a year that has a similar fate to the year, the star has a bad destiny, then the disaster will be even more disastrous, the consequences of the Tam Tai drought will be great.

Therefore, for the years under the term Tam Tai often abstain from doing important things that greatly affect life and fortune, including:

First Tam Tai (first year): Avoid starting big things such as: Breaking ground for building a house in the first Tam Tai year. Middle Tam Tai (second year): Don’t stop what you’re doing, but need to continue to complete it. important work in this year. Last Tam Tai year )third year): It is the year of abstinence to finish important work, so if the work lasts long, it should last until the end of the 3rd year of Tam Tai, so it should end.

In general, for housework in the year of Tam Tai, it is often advised not to do and should avoid it so as not to encounter consequences that adversely affect fortune, health, etc. And at the same time should consider doing great work. such as building houses to avoid falling in the year of Tam Tai when the ground-breaking started work. In addition, the construction progress should also be taken into acc to avoid the completion of construction at the age of 5, the owner commits the 3rd ear (last Tam Tai) but tries to complete it in the 2nd Tam Tai year or through the 3rd Tam Tai year. 3 if unfortunately the project lasts.

3, How to calculate the term of Tam Tai when building the most standard house

According to the feng shui horoscope to build a house, the way to calculate the Tam Tai age group is calculated according to the principle of the Tam Hop age group and according to which the people in the Tam Hop age group will share the same Tam Tai term. The age of the Tam Tai drought will be counted in the 12 chis, not based on Thien Can. Because of this, folk often pass on the experience of “Three regrouping, becoming Tam Tai”.

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Specifically, the age of this drought will be determined through the table to calculate the age of Tam Tai when buying a house, repairing a house and building a house to avoid the great drought according to the Tam Hop ages, including: Age of Than – Rat – Thin; Dan – Horse – Dog; Pig – Rabbit – Mui and Snake – Rooster – Ox below:

In particular, for the years of the Dragon, the Dog, the Ox, and the Mui, it is important to note that they will encounter extremely bad luck in the final years of the Tam Tai term (the 3rd year of the Tam Tai) if in these years the 4-year-old encounters a drought. If you have bad luck (Male Sao La Hou – Female star next to Do), you will encounter 3 bad lucks at the same time: Year of Age, Tam Tai and term of star. In particular, the years of Dragon – Dog – Ox – Mui rhyme very carefully with the year that combines the above 3 lucks.

4, How to worship Tam Tai at home to neutralize the term of making a house

There are a number of ways in which the concept of neutralizing a Tam Tai offender is:

* In case you have not broken ground but want to find a way to solve Tam Tai to build a house: Apply the same age as the way to solve the violation of the term Kim Lau and Hoang Oc.

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* In case of breaking ground to build a new house, Tam Tai is known: Solve by offering Tam Tai at home to relieve the term. However, the way to worship Tam Tai will need to choose the right day, worship the right Tam Tai god. Because there are 12 Tam Tai gods and each year there will be a different Tam Tai god and in each month there will be 1 day, aiming to worship the people to relieve the Tam Tai term according to the year of the Tam Tai drought. Especially, the worship of Tam Tai at home will have to be carried out continuously every month for 3 years. Therefore, finding out how to choose a date, choose a direction and prepare the ceremony in the way that Tam Tai is also released when building and buying a house is extremely important and determines the effectiveness of the Tam Tai reconciliation ceremony.

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