Kb Trên Facebook Là Gì Trên Facebook, Trong Tin Học? Gợi Ý Kết Bạn Trên Facebook Là Gì

Surfing Facebook and often encounter the words English Brand new makes you difficult to understand? Or sometimes the acronyms created by the online community that make you frown?

This article is more general 50+ English words and English words abbreviated on Facebook used by the online community. Let’s Cungdaythang.com always discover!

1 – What is Facebook? What is Fb?

Facebook is an abbreviation for Facebook (Read as /ˈfeɪsbʊk/ ) – This is one of the most popular social networks (MXH for short) in the world and the most popular social network in Vietnam at present. This social network is completely free, you just need to create an account with your phone number or email and then you can access this social network and make friends, talk to your friends, post pictures, videos or Follow good news, articles, videos on Facebook.

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2 – What is Like?

Like (Read as /laɪk/) means like.

For example: He likes my new post! = He likes my new post!

If you like this video, please hit the “Like” button to let me know. = If you like this video, please press the “Like” button to let me know.

3 – What is Share?

Share (Read as er/) means share.

For example: Share this video if you like it! = Please share this video if you like it!

4 – What is Ib? What is Inbox? What is fb inbox?

Inbox = Messaging (Verb) or Message Box (Noun)

Ib = Inbox (Read as /ˈɪnbɑːks/)

When someone tells you ib If they go, they want you texting Show them on Facebook.

Inbox fb = Inbox Facebook = Facebook messages.

Check ib = Check inbox = Check your messages

Similar to the words above, when someone is your friend, please check inbox good go check inbox If you go, that means they want you to check your message box.

When someone tells you inbox facebook it means they want you to send them a message.

For example: Could you please send me the price via inbox? = Can you send me the price via message box?

5 – What is Rep inbox?

Rep inbox = Reply Inbox = Reply to message.

Are from Reply in English is not abbreviated as rep. Are from Rep inbox appeared in the online community in Vietnam and by the Vietnamese themselves … shortened this word to make it easier to read. Everyone can understand rep inbox Please reply to messages!

6 – What is Mes? What is Messenger?

Messenger (Read as /ˈmesɪndʒər/) is an offshoot of Facebook, specializing in messaging. We can use messenger to text, share photos, call, video call with our friends and relatives for free.

In English, the word Messenger does that mean reporter.

Are from “Mes” comes from the word “Messenger” and this word “mes” means to text/send a message.

7 – What is Send? What is Sent? What is Seen?

Send (Read as /send/) does that mean “to send”.

For example: Send me the price via inbox. = Please send me the price via message box.

Send me a picture. = Can you send me a picture?

Sent (read as ) /sent/) does that mean “sent”. Sent is the past participle 2 of the word “send”.

In the inbox, when you successfully send a message to someone, the message box will display the words “Sent” meaning “sent”.

For example: She sent me a lot of her selfie. = She sent me a lot of selfies of her.

Me message was sent. = My message has been sent.

Seen (Read as /siːn/) does that mean “watched”. Seen is the past participle 2 of the word “See”.

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In the inbox, when you send a message to another person that someone has read, the text “seen” will be displayed in that message box, which means that person has read and viewed your message. Since Facebook allows the sender to know that the recipient has received / viewed the sender’s message or not through the word “seen”, this phrase is very commonly used by the online community. Many people who are new to Facebook or update news a bit slow may not understand what is seen?this word is very simple that the reader has seen and read our message.

For example: He has seen my note but has not replied yet. = He saw my messages but didn’t reply.

Maybe he is busy. Just take it easy! = Maybe he is busy. Take it easy!

8 – What is Save?

Save (Read as /seɪv/) means “Save”.

This word is used on Facebook when you see a certain video or post that is interesting or useful and you want to save it in your account so you can watch it again.

For example: I save the video in the folder “Media”. = I save the video in the file “Media”.

9 – What is Facetime?

Face time (Pronounced /ˈfeɪs taɪm/) is the video calling feature of the iPhone, Apple.

For example: Could I borrow your phone to make a face time call with my mom? = Can I borrow your phone to make a face time call for my mom?

10 – What is an Account?

Account (Pronounced /əˈkaʊnt/) means account.

For example: My account has been hacked for 2 days. = My account was hacked 2 days ago.

11 – What is Crush?

Crush (Read as /krʌʃ/) means someone you have a crush on, have feelings for or someone you secretly love and miss.

Crush is a very popular phrase on social networks today, so when this phrase emerges on social networks, it is inevitable that many of you will ask questions: What is Crush? Crush refers to the person you have a crush on, you like, you secretly love and miss but the other person doesn’t know.

For example: I am so happy that my crush texted me this morning. = I’m so glad my crush texted me this morning.

I have a crush on her. = I have a crush on her!


12 – What is PR? What is PR on Facebook?

PR = Public Relation: Public Relations

This is a term in the media industry. Understood in the official sense is Public Relations to build a beautiful image of a person, a brand or something. You can understand that PR on Facebook is a form of honorable name, expanding image, name, brand or attracting many followers, interactive people….

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For example: I just saw a lot of PR posts about Adam Dustion on Facebook. = I’ve seen a lot of PR posts about Adam Dustin on Facebook.

13 – What is Add friend? What is Unfriend? What is Unf?

Add friend = Add friend/ Make friend

Unf = Unfriend = Unfriend

For example: Hey! Look! Dustin Bieber adds friend with me on Facebook! It’s unbelievable! = Hey! Look this! Dustin Bieber just friended me on Facebook! Unbelievable!

He unfriends me after our breakup. = He unfriended me after the breakup.

14 – What is Block?

Block = Block. (This word reads as/blɑːk/)

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This is a feature of Facebook, it allows you to block someone from seeing your profile (ie from seeing the photos you post, the videos you post or all the other things that person shares).

15 – What is Follow? What is unfollow?

Follow = Follow (Read as /ˈfɑːloʊ/)

Unfollow = Unfollow (Read as /ˌʌnˈfɑːloʊ/)

Follow and Unfollow is a popular word on social networks, especially social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

For example: I follow a lot of celebrities on Instagram. = I follow a lot of big stars on Instagram.

He unfollows me in Instagram after the fight. = He unfollowed me after the fight.

16 – What is an ad? What is Admin? What are mods?

Ad (Pronounced /æd/) = Admin /ˈædmɪn/ = Administrator

Mod (Read as /mɑːd/) = Moderator /ˈmɑːdəreɪtər/ = Moderator

These words appear on fanpages and groups on Facebook. Ad is the word that refers to those who have admin rights of the fanpage, who post and reply to fans’ comments on Fanpage.

17 – What is Avatar? What is avt?

Avatar (Pronounced /ˈævətɑːr/) means representative image.

For example: My new avatar hits 400 likes on Facebook. = My new avatar has reached 400 likes on Facebook.

18 – What is cmt? What are comments?

Comment (Read as /ˈkɑːment/) means comment.

cmt = Comment. Cmt is an acronym for Comment and also means comment. This word can be both a verb, indicating the act of commenting, and can be a noun, indicating one or more comments.

For example: Wow, Dustin just comments on my post. = Wow, Dustin just commented on my post.

19 – What is PM?

PM = Private Message / Personal Message = Private Message.

If someone tells you to PM them, it means they want you to send you a private message.

20 – What is HF?

HF = Hot Face = Hot Facebook Account = Facebook accounts with many likes and followers.

Quang Million becomes a HF after his viral video on Facebook. = Quang Million became a famous account on Facebook after his viral video.

21 – What is LOL? What is LAMO?

LOL = Laugh out Loud = Laugh out loud

LMAO = Laughing my ass off = Laughing off the chair, very funny.

For example:

LOL, this video is so funny. (*Laughs*, this video is so funny!)

LMAO, I die laughing because of this. (*Laughs off chair*. Dying of being funny with this!)


22 – What are memes?

Mem = member = member

This term is used in Facebook groups.

For example: Every single mem should follow group’s rules. = All members of the group should follow the rules of the group.

23 – What is a news feed? What is NF?

NF = News feed = News Feed (In some social networks, the main message board is also called Home)

For example: When I am free, I like to scroll my new feed for news and entertainment. = When I have free time, I like to surf my message board for news and entertainment.

24 – What is Ads?

Ads /æds/ = Advertising = Advertising

This is a term in advertising. When someone says the word “ads”, they are talking about an advertisement (be it a video, photo, etc.) on the internet.

For example: I saw a creative ads about gym this morning. = This morning I saw a creative advertisement for the gym.

25 – What is RIP?

RIP = Rest in Peace = Rest in Peace (Refers to someone/something that has been lost/sacrifice)

When we talk about a person who uses the word RIP, we can understand that they have passed away, passed away. But when using RIP to talk about an account on Facebook or a picture, post, video … it means that the account has disappeared, has been sacrificed (probably due to h?ck, locked. ….)

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26 – What is Status? What is STT? What is Tus?

Tus = STT = Status = Status Line

Posting a tus or posting a post or posting a status all have the same meaning that someone updates their status line.

For example: She just posts a sad status sharing about the breakup. = She just posted a sad status about breaking up.

27 – What are tags?

Tag /tæɡ/ = label, tag

For example: You are tagged in his photo. = You are tagged in his photo.

28 – What is Fanpage?

Fanpage (/fæn peɪdʒ/) = Facebook Page

For example: I found a Fanpage sharing music. = I have set up a page on Facebook to share about music.

29 – What is a Profile?

Profile /ˈproʊfaɪl/ = Personal Page

For example: Her profile is full or her son’s images. = Her personal page is full of pictures of her son.

30 – What is Cover?

Cover/ˈkʌvər/ = (meaning 1) Cover art or (meaning 2) Covered, recorded song

Are from Cover On social media there are 2 most common meanings. The first meaning is the cover photo on the profile page on Facebook. The second meaning is a remixed, remixed piece of music based on the original.

For example:

He just covers a new song by Adam Huff. = He just sang Adam Huff’s song again.

If you like this cover, please hit the like button below. = If you like my new recording, please hit the like button below.

31 – What is Mlem on Facebook

First of all, Mlem is not an English word, but Mlem or mlem mlem is actually a word that describes the sound, it is similar when we lick something, and is often used to comment on pictures of food. Or pretty girls.

Here are the Latin phonetic symbols in English to help us English pronunciation standard. If you do not know about this table of Latin phonetic symbols, read on guide to 44 English sounds here Please.

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Here are some commonly used words on Facebook. Hope this article helps you to better understand the terms that the online community uses!

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