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THE TRADITIONAL SUTRA HT. Translated by Thich Tri Quang —o0o—


I. Introduction

II. Remembering Jizhong Great One
III. Simple Recitation Ritual Before Reciting the Ksitigarbha Sutra
Chapter 1: Magical Powers at the Palace of Swordsmen

Chapter 2: Body Splitting Together

Chapter 3: Contemplating the Karma of Beings
Chapter 4: Karma of the Matchmaker
Chapter 5: The Name of Hell
Chapter 6: The World Honored One
Chapter 7 : Benefits For Those Who Left and Lost
Chapter 8: My Lord Jamla Confessions
Chapter 9: Praise the Names of the Buddhas
Chapter 10: Measuring the Virtue of Generosity
Chapter 11: God of Earth Protection
Chapter 12 : The Benefits of Seeing and Hearing
Chapter 13: The World Honored One

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III. Simple Recitation Ritual Before Reciting the Ksitigarbha Sutra

IV. Ksitigarbha Sutra : the upper book (1)

—o0o— I. Introduction Recording After Reviewing Gestures If it is said that because of the commitment that the Buddha entrusts us with, it is the specificity of the Buddha’s virtues that Buddhists must learn. In the Buddha’s life, there were two important great monks. One is Tu Thi, who will replace Buddha as Buddha. The second is Earth Store Buddha, who takes the place of the Buddha and carries all sentient beings. Ksitigarbha promotes reciting the Buddha’s name and not killing, and classifies it as inconceivable the blessing of helping the elderly, the sick, and pregnant women. The Earth Store focuses on both birth and death. The Earth Store places great importance on human happiness. Jizhong often says Buddhism, but that word does not mean the religion of the Buddha, but his teaching, and the blessing is to follow that teaching. Geography refers to demons. The real devil is not worth talking about. Let’s say the demon god has a human face. There are good and bad demons. But the majority of humans are evil, so evil spirits are rampant. So when dealing with evil spirits, don’t be evil. Buddhism has the theory of three ears – Three ears are the three accidents of war, disease and chance, which I have translated as war, poisoning and human complacency. Those are the 3 things that are the biggest concern for the whole world. Not long ago, nuclear war was the biggest concern, but now the biggest concern is environmental pollution and population explosion. Concerns about environmental pollution have related concerns that HIV is only one. Buddhism does not say apocalypse like other religions, but the description of the three ears is horrifying. And when it comes to Earth Store greatness, the three ears are talked about more than the five impurities.

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The Great Bodhisattva and the Ksitigarbha Sutra

Now let’s briefly talk about the content of the Earth Store Sutra and the Earth Store Buddha through this sutra. This sutra is called the filial sutra of Buddhism. The filial piety of Buddhism, just saying, according to the Bodhisattva Precepts of Sanskrit, the heaviest sin is having to be born in a place where one cannot hear the names of parents or the Buddha Dharma Sangha, it is enough to be conscious. Called filial piety of Buddhism, because this sutra has the following content. First, recount the filial piety of the great monk Jizhong, whose great vow came from that filial piety and fulfilled that filial piety. The Great Vow of the Great Buddha Earth Store has roughly two views: one, basically, “being saved from the end of the world to realize Bodhi, hell does not swear to become a Buddha”; Second, depending on the time, depending on the root and depending on the scene, there are also vows to fulfill the above basic vows. The object of the great vows of the Great Store of Earth is of course unlimited, but especially sentient beings suffering in the Three Paths, especially in hell; is a person of the Jambudvipa; and as mentioned, there are people in worlds that do not have Buddhas, or have Buddhas, but belong to the stage of the five stagnations, the stage of the three ears, and the gap between the two Buddhas. Second, summarizing the benefits and inconceivables of the great vow of the great Ksitigarbha for sentient beings. The Great Vow of the Great Bodhisattva is expressed through his title, image and scriptures (the Earth Store Sutra). Therefore, the three practices of reciting names, worshiping images, and reciting sutras are reciting, admiring and reciting the great vows of the Great Bodhisattva, and the desires that are clearly stated in the sutras will be met with great vows. he made it like that. In particular, the word life and death in this sutra says that, in addition to the general meaning like many other scriptures, there is also the clearest meaning of birth, death, and death. This sutra clearly teaches how to practice about the three dharmas to receive what benefit from the great vow of Earth Store Greatness, in birth and death and in death. Therefore, when parents or relatives are sick, on the verge of death, upon death, and after death, this sutra clearly explains how the great vow of the great sage Ksitigarbha created filial piety and mindfulness for filial children, and clearly teaches the way that pious children can do to receive that cooperation. That is for the moment of death and the deceased. For the birth and the still-born, this sutra is even more concerned, by admonishing killing, promoting the help of pregnant women, the sick and the elderly, teaching the necessary things, and teaching with the same attitude. serious. Third, there is an important detail that this sutra is very important to overcome the wonderful bliss (wonderful peace) in humans and gods. Liberation, according to this sutra, is liberation from the evil path (especially hell) and liberation from samsara. If a fish falls into a stream with a net, it escapes the net and escapes the whole stream. Only escaping from the net is a temporary escape, after escaping, you can also get caught again. Having to liberate the whole six paths of samsara is permanent liberation, if only liberated from the evil path, if you escape, you can fall again. The reason is the same, but the most urgent is still the liberation of the evil path that is born in the human world, enjoying victory and bliss. That is what this sutra is particularly concerned with. This is very consistent with the Buddha’s attitude in advance about precepts and commentaries when teaching the Dharma to newcomers. Fourth, the most moving and most famous part of this sutra is due to the above, especially because of the great vow, which the Buddha gave to sentient beings the sins of suffering. Not only that, this entrustment, and this great vow of the Great Buddha, were made and preached by the Buddha when he ascended to the Dao Loi to preach the Dharma to his mother, before the day of his parinirvana. Thus, it is the act of entrusting sentient beings to the great Ksitigarbha, and the speaking of the great vow of the great Ksitigarbha, which is the Buddha’s filial piety towards his mother and towards sentient beings. How important! This sutra is widespread, precisely for this reason. With the above content, the focus of the Earth Store Sutra is about the great vow of the Great Buddha, so the Buddha named it the original vow, and taught to uphold and propagate it. On the other hand, this sutra says it’s simple, things are necessary and close to people’s hearts, but the vow is the supreme vow, and the philosophy is extremely complete when it clearly says that the scenery is also an incarnation and is all chemical effect. The most impressive thing is that this sutra was said by the Buddha when he preached the Dharma to his mother to enter nirvana, talked about the great vow of a great monk like Earth Store, and earnestly entrusted us to him. Thus, through the Earth Store Sutra, the new Earth Store Buddha is inconceivable." border="0" />III. Simple Rite of Confession Before Reciting the Earth Store Sutra 1. Praying for refuge One-pointedly serving and taking refuge in the original Buddha Shakyamuni Tathagata, the current Buddha Maitreya Maitreya, the same Buddha, the Buddha Dharma and the monks throughout the entire Dharma world. One-pointedly worshiping and taking refuge in the Buddha Amitabha Tathagata, together with Guanyin Bodhisattva, Mahasattva Bodhisattva, Pure ocean of bodhisattvas in the Land of Ultimate Bliss. One-pointedly worshiping and taking refuge in the virtue of great compassion, great vows of great concentration, the great power of Earth Store Bodhisattva, together with Bodhisattvas, Pratyekabuddhas, and Sravakas throughout the entire Dharma Realm. 2. Author’s prayer, Disciple’s name is XX, legal name XX, prays for mercy for XX, peace for XX (4), and prays for yourself, for relatives and enemies in this life and for many lifetimes other, for all monks and nuns, Buddhists, for all people and all species, but sincerely worship and recite the original vows of the Earth Store Sutra. Praying for the unsurpassed Three Jewels and the compassionate and compassionate Earth Store Bodhisattva to prove, protect, and help those who have lost their lives to be liberated and at peace. 3. Bowing to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas Respectfully bowing to the original Buddha Shakyamuni Tathagata, the current Buddha Maitreya Maitreya, and all the Buddhas of the Tathagata in the Dharma Assembly preaching the Earth Store Sutra and in the present tense. throughout the ten directions. Homage to the diligent and diligent Lion of the Tathagata, the Buddha of Enlightenment, the Buddha of Concentration in the Tathagata, the One-World-Wise One, the Tathagata, the Pure Lotus-flowered Tathagata, and all the Buddhas of the Tathagata in the future. past tense throughout the ten directions. Homage to the Boundless Tathagata, the Treasure of the Tathagata, the Three Heads of Demons, the Tathagata, the Roaring Lion, the Treasure of the Tathagata, the Treasured Tathagata, the Kasacara Tathagata, and the Virtue. Great Thong Mountain King Tathagata, Virtue Pure Moon Tathagata, Virtuous Son King Tathagata, Virtuous Virtue conquering the Tathagata, Virtue Pure Name King Tathagata, Virtuous Wisdom accomplished Tathagata, Supreme Virtue Tathagata, Virtuous Sound Tathagata , the Full Moon Tathagata, the Moon-faced Tathagata, and the Tathagata Buddhas are innumerable in number. Salutations to Venerable Bhikshu Tathagata, Venerable Thi Qi Tathagata, Venerable Vairocana Tathagata, Venerable Confucius Tathagata, Lord Confucius Confucius Tathagata, Lord Kashyapa Tathagata, Shakyamuni Buddha as future, Maitreya Tathagata, and all the Buddhas Tathagata in the three tenses past, present and future of the Saha country. Homage to the formless Tathagata, and to all the Buddhas of the future, in the future, throughout the lands of the ten directions. Homage to Manjushri, Bodhisattva of Wealth, Bodhisattva of Concentration, Bodhisattva of Concentration, Bodhisattva of Endless Mind, Bodhisattva of Liberation, Bodhisattva Universal Kindness, Bodhisattva Universal Worthy, Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, Void. bodhisattva, and all the great bodhisattvas in the country of Saha and throughout the countries of the ten directions. 4. The ceremony of worshiping the great Buddha Earth Store, the great great compassion, the great vow of great power, was entrusted by the Buddha to sentient beings. Kudos to Earth Store, the great great compassion, great samadhi, great power, manifesting the monastic form to represent and protect the monastic to continue the lineage of the Three Jewels, for the dharma precepts of the monastic, for the true emancipation of the entire Buddhadharma. Kudos to Earth Store, the great compassion, great samadhi, and great power, save the four groups of disciples of the Buddha by increasing the white dharma of liberation, the growth of food and medicine fruit trees, and the growth of the country. wind and fire, so that the Three Jewels lineage is eternal, brilliant and majestic. Kudos to Earth Store, the great great compassion, great samadhi, and great power, saving sentient beings by preserving the great earth, making fruit trees, food and medicine, of sufficient quality, for sentient beings to do as they please. use. Kudos to Earth Store, the great great compassion, great samadhi, great power, dividing the body without borders into all kinds of species, making the whole scene, benefiting all over, everyone can be saved. Kudos to Earth Store, the great great compassion, great samadhi, great power, applicable everywhere, especially in hell, in Jambudvipa, in lands where Buddha does not appear, in lands where Buddhas do not appear. A Buddha appeared but belonged to the period of the five stagnations of the three ears, the gap between the two Buddhas, but the Buddha Dharma was no longer available. Kudos to Earth Store, the great great compassion, great samadhi, great power, beneficial both when creating the cause and when enjoying the result, both for people and for those who die, for both birth and death. filial piety for pious children. Homage to Lord Earth Store, the great compassion and great effort are more advanced than the bodhisattvas, embracing all the desires and aspirations of all those who sincerely confess and recite them. 5. Devotion to dedication

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