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Nghĩa Của : Make Room For Là Gì ? Make Room Thành Ngữ, Tục Ngữ, Slang Phrases

make room (for someone or something)

1. To clear a certain amount of space to allow for someone or something else to fit as well. If you have a seat on the train during rush hours, please make room when a passenger boards who is pregnant, elderly, or infirm. I”m not making a separate trip in the car, so make room for your brother back there! I tried to make room in my wardrobe for my girlfriend”s clothes, but there wasn”t nearly enough space.2. To refrain from eating too much so that one still has an appetite for something else later on.

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I hope you made room for dessert—my mother made her famous blueberry crumble! You can have a light snack, but be sure to make room for your dinner later.See also: make, room, someone

make room (for someone or something)

to provide space for someone or something. Make room for Sam. He needs a place to sit. Can you make room for this package?See also: make, roomSee also:

make room

create a space, move out of the way Please make room so Miss Munro can walk to her car. Move, please.

make room for

1. arrange space for为…腾出空地We can easily make room for you at this table.我们很容易就能在这张桌上为你腾出位置。2.be replaced by被…所替代It”s in the very nature of things that the old eventually makes room for the new.旧事物终将被新事物所代替,这是必然的。

make room for someone or something

arrange space for He made room for the new computer in the spare room.
make out for (somewhere or something) make out like (something is the case) make out like a bandit make out of nothing make out that make out that (something is the case) make out to be make over make overtures make overtures about doing make peace make peace with make peace with (someone or something) make peace with somebody make plain make play of make play of (something) make points make points (with someone) make position clear make public make quick work of (someone or something) make rapid strides make ready make ready to (do something) make room make room (for someone or something) make sail make scarce make sense make sense (out) of (something) make sense of make sense of something make sheep's eyes at (one) make sheep's eyes at someone make shift make short work of make short work of (someone or something) make short work of something make short work of something/somebody make short work of, to make sick make skin make so bold (as to do something) make some sense (out) of (something) make somebody sick make somebody's acquaintance make somebody's blood boil make somebody's blood run cold make somebody's day make somebody's hackles rise make off with make one make oneself at home make oneself felt make oneself scarce make out make over make room make room for someone or something make sense make sense of it make short work of something make something of it make something of yourself make something out make something up make strange

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