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Mâu Thuẫn Tiếng Anh Là Gì – Mâu Thuẫn Trong Tiếng Anh Là Gì

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Therefore, with this easier criterion, the sequence from visual perspective taking to pronoun acquisition was reversed, contradicting our first two hypotheses.
Some scholars have argued that points where oral sources seem to contradict other evidence is precisely where historians should focus their attention.
Still, the contradicting presence of more gender dysphoria in childhood but less at application should alert the clinician when assessing eligibility.
The spectral development shows no clear evidence of internal waves, either, and phase mcasurernents also contradict a wave hypothesis.
In the case of the president”s party, the relationship between performance and the vote contradicts standard referendum theories of economic voting.
As situations encoding a result cannot be contradicted by a conjoined clause (cf. section 4.4), the contradiction test was used to discover resultatives.
This point is rather subtle and easily overlooked, which contradicts our general claim that we can “read off” an algorithm from the typing rules.
In effect, the privatisation programme contradicted the existing legal norms created to protect the previous statist development model.
In such a scenario, recommendations resulting from scientific evidence could contradict the opaque process of deliberation and its consequential decisions.
The resulting descriptive schemes clearly contradicted one another: the one stressed radical breaks, the other demonstrated underlying continuities in the history of a nation”s art.

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And by conjunctive closure that would make it rational to accept that no ticket will win, contradicting our knowledge that the lottery has a winner.
There is therefore no guarantee whatsoever that they are not going to be contradicted in other corpora.
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