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Dragonflies are quite familiar animals to people in rural areas. According to the concept of our ancestors, the appearance of dragonflies predicts the time of rain and wind. So if you Dream of dragonfly What omen is that? What lucky number does a dream about a dragonfly contain? Let’s find out the dream meaning of dragonfly in today’s article.

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1. Decoding the dream meaning of a dragonfly

Dreaming of dragonflies flying into the house

Dreaming of a dragonfly flying into your house signifies that you are about to meet a lot of luck in life. At work, you will have many opportunities for growth and advancement. This is considered the time when the kite meets the wind, you can quickly step to success. In addition, when you encounter dragonflies flying low on the ground, you will also meet many good luck. Not only that, you are about to be blessed with a lot of money to fill your pocket.

Dreaming about Dragonfly flies into the house numbered: 80 – 08

Dreaming of a dragonfly perched on a person

Dreaming of a dragonfly perched on a person is a harbinger of luck that will come to you at work. Maybe you will get a new job that many people want or get a raise.

Dreaming about dragonfly perched on person topic numbering: ten

Dream of dragonfly being attacked

According to experts Lottery dreamDreaming of a dragonfly being attacked by another animal indicates that someone is intending to harm you at work or intentionally traps you so that you are in danger.

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Dreaming of seeing Dragonfly attacked Hit the child: 28 – 81

Dreaming of a dead dragonfly

Dreaming of a dead dragonfly is an unlucky omen, reminding you to be more careful in everything you do because you may encounter a minor harm. Besides, when traveling, you should also pay more attention and observe safety.

Dreamed dead dragonfly numbered: 78 – 21

Dragonfly dream meaning

Dreaming of dragonflies fighting

The dream of dragonflies fighting reminds you to be wary of those around you because this dream implies that you will be harmed by someone. Maybe this person will do bad things behind your back to bring you down, at that time, you don’t have time to guard. After decoding this dream. Be more careful with the people around you. If dragonflies fight and have children to die, this is also a bad omen that you should not ignore.

Look forward to seeing dragonflies fight numbered: 89 – 11

Dreaming of a dragonfly perched on a tree

The dream of a dragonfly perched on a tree indicates that you will successfully complete a job that your superiors have entrusted to you. Since then, your ability has been proven to your boss and everyone at work.

Look forward to seeing dragonfly perched on tree hit me now: 79 – 03

2. Some other dragonfly dreams

Dreamed chili dragonfly: This dream is a good omen, luck always smiles on you so be confident and carefree. Nothing can make you sad.

Dreamed dragonfly: This dream indicates that you are a lonely person, but in the near future, your lover secretly remembers you will ask. The two of you will become a perfect match.

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Dreamed catch the dragonfly: This dream is a good omen for your business. Be bold to invest now to achieve the expected success.

Dreamed dragonfly chasing: This dream indicates that in the near future you will meet kind friends who are always ready to help you, help you have a better position and have a more comfortable life.

Dreamed Dragonfly flying in the sky: This dream warns of impending calamities in your life.

  Dreaming of dragonflies numbered

Dreaming of dragonflies numbered

3. Dreaming of dragonflies with lucky numbers?

Dreamed chili dragonfly: 53 – 84

Dreamed dragonfly: 56 – 61

Dreamed black dragonfly: 38 – 93

Dreamed red dragonfly: 06 – 47

Dreamed yellow dragonfly: 30 – 36

Dreamed white dragonfly: 12 – 31

Dreamed Injured dragonfly: 35 – 68

Dreamed catch the dragonfly: 27 – 91

Dreamed dragonfly chasing: 03 – 69

Dreamed dragonfly flying in the sky: 49 – 85

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