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Collection of articles Nguyen Binh’s love poetry Sweet and romantic makes young people in love sob and vibrate, attracting many young readers’ attention. Nguyen Binh’s love poetry is always the string that binds two loving hearts together and is indispensable in every couple’s love. Send immediately to the person you love Nguyen Binh’s love poem in the article below

Here are the articles Nguyen Binh’s love poetry touching millions of hearts in love makes your heart flutter and warm like never before. Let’s warm up your love by sending your loved ones extremely sweet and profound love poems in the following article.

Poetry Nguyen Binh Ghen

When it comes to love poems, it is impossible not to mention Nguyen Binh’s love poetry You can’t be jealous, young people. In love, perhaps jealousy is the most special spice. If you love, you will be jealous, if you don’t love, you can’t be jealous. Let’s take a look at Nguyen Binh Ghen’s poetry below to feel it

Jealousy (Nguyen Binh)
My little mistress!
I want your lips to smile
When there’s me and my eyes just…
Look at me when I’m far away.

I want you to think of no one,
Do not kiss, even if you see fresh petals,
Don’t hug your pillow, sleep tonight…
Don’t take a bath this afternoon, the sea is full of people.

I want the scent of perfume,
Which she often anoints, does not fly far,
Do not stun passers-by,
Although only crossing the road, guests pass again.

I want cold winter nights
Be careful not to lurk by her side
Otherwise, I want you not to meet
A young boy, in a dream.

I want her breath to be light.
Do not wet the clothes of unfamiliar guests.
Her feet are imprinted on the dusty road
No footstep was stepped on.

I mean, I’m just too jealous.
That means I love you too much
And that means she is everything.
She is all my own!

Xuan Quynh’s love poetry

Besides the articles Nguyen Binh’s love poetry Xuan Quynh’s love poems are also very popular with readers. Xuan Quynh’s love poetry is as passionate and burning with intense emotions as Nguyen Binh’s love poetry.

The sweetest and most romantic Nguyen Binh love poems of all time

Poem: Waves

Author: Xuan Quynh

Intense and mellow
Noisy and quiet
The river does not understand me
Waves find the ocean

Oh the waves of the past
And the next day still the same
Longing for love
Recovery in the child’s chest

Before all the waves and waves
I think about you, me
I think about the big sea
Where does the wave come from?

Waves start from the wind
where does the wind start?
I do not know either
When do we fall in love?

Waves in the depths
Waves on the water
Oh the waves miss the shore
Can’t sleep day and night
My heart misses you
Even in my dreams I’m awake

Even to the north
Though to the south
Everywhere I think
Towards you – one way

Out in the ocean
Those hundred thousand waves
Which one does not come to shore?
Despite all the obstacles

Life is so long
Years still go by
Like the sea, even though it’s wide
Clouds still fly away

How can it be melted?
Become a hundred small waves
In the big sea of ​​love
Let thousands of years still clap

Poem: Boat and Sea
Boat and sea

Author: Xuan Quynh

I will tell you
The story of the boat and the sea:

“Since when, I don’t know
The boat listens to the sea
Seagull wings, blue waves
Take the boat everywhere

The heart of the boat is full of desires
And the immense love of the sea
The boat goes on and on and doesn’t get tired
The sea is still far away… far away

Gentle moonlit nights
The sea is like a little girl
Whisper your thoughts
Around the side of the boat, the waves crash

Sometimes for no reason
The sea rushes the boats
(For eternal love
Ever stand still?)

Only boats can understand
How vast is the sea?
Only the sea knows
Where is the boat going?

The days we don’t see each other
The silver sea first misses
The days we don’t see each other
The boat’s heart hurts – broken

If I give up on the boat
The sea is only stormy”

If I have to stay away from you
I’m just a storm

Poem: Sing to yourself
Sing yourself

Author: Xuan Quynh

No wonder I wish it was gold
My heart, you used to know
You are a person who despises wealth
So if you need it, sell it right away

I also don’t expect it to be like the sun
Because it will turn off when the evening shadows fall
I’m alone again with the long silent night
But my heart is far from your heart

I’m back to my heart’s content
Know how to revive dead red blood cells
Know how to get back what was lost
Know how to close the distance of the trustee

I’m back to my true heart-me
Know what you want
Know how to be touched through many perceptions
Know that I love you and know that I love you

Why are there so many storms this autumn
The ship’s windows don’t close
The moorland and the dark great thousand
I am lost in the depths of your forest

I’m worried about my way
Heart beats the unspeakable
Heart pounding with hunger
What fire glimmers in the lonely

I’m back to my true heart-me
As flesh and blood, who does not have in everyday life?
Also stop beating when life is no more
But I know I love you even when I’m dead

Nguyen Binh poetry and life

Cluster Nguyen Binh’s love poetry The best and most touching below are sent to our loving readers. Nguyen Binh’s love poems bring the happiness of love. Let’s immediately refer to Nguyen Binh’s love poems to send to the one you love

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Nguyen Binh poetry and life

Poem: Foot Country

Yesterday I returned from the province
Wait for me to stay on the first dyke of the village
Velvet scarves are bustling
Buttoned shirt, you hurt me!

Where’s the oak silk bib?
The waistband dyed back in spring?
Where’s the four-piece shirt?
Towel raven beak, black pants sow?

Saying I’m afraid of losing you
I beg you to keep the countryside intact
Like the day I went to the temple
Dress as you please!

Lemon flowers bloom in the middle of the lemon garden
My teacher is with us from the countryside
Yesterday I returned from the province
The scent of the domestic wind has flown away more or less

Poem: Missing a step sideways
Missed a step sideways

“- Hey! I stay at home
Strawberry garden I cut, my dear old mother
Old mother one sun and two dew
I walked a hundred steps sadly
Trust me, I’ll stay at home
Strawberry garden I cut, my dear old mother

The road is full of firecrackers today
Tomorrow, the smoke from the firecrackers still lingers over the village
This trip, she stepped sideways
Is breaking the golden dream from here
Rose wine I drink to get drunk
Enjoy the last few seconds with you
Then the waves cross the river
Full of hate ships, I’m afraid I won’t reach the shore
The sacred shrine is clumsy for worshipers
The house smells of cold smoke, I rely on you
Last night was white three nights
I love my sister, the bird left the flock
A shoulder to carry the Jiang San…
Another shoulder carrying a lot of love
Messy eyes and hair
What else do you give me to comb the mirror!
Walk away this time
It’s not going to come back again
Thirty deep rivers
And hundreds of thousands of different bridge spans
It’s okay too
Did you miss your own step to the river?
The age of pale lipstick fades away
Full of hatred, there are so many people!
Don’t cry anymore baby!
Anyway, it’s over, listen to me!
One goes seven floats three sinks
Hundreds of thousands of bitter hearts wither
Although I love you ten times
Can’t even stop her from going once…”

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My sister is in tears
Say hello to both of them to go home
I watch, I sigh
The red firecracker line suddenly rang in the sky and exploded
I stood at the top of the village
Sorry to look after you, my dear sister…

2 What do you do when it rains?
At the age of seventeen, she got married
People fire red wine and red wine
And on her soul a wreath of mourning
The first time she stepped sideways
The age of the river and the river is not yet walled
At home, I miss my dear mother
Three empty spaces, a shabby garden
Mother sitting next to the spinning wheel
Time often reminds: “- How is your sister now?”

You now… how to say?
Butterflies when lost in the wild garden
Sister from the wrong step to the side
Stormy weather in the middle of the boat capsized
Down the stream of flowing water
Bring your body to the painful area
Ten years of hate by the bed
Ten years of tears often change soup
Ten years of being alone
Digging deep to bury first love
Ten years as cold as money
The heart goes out of blood but the charm does not return

But my dear! A summer night
The flowers bloom, the body of the cicada is completely restored
Stop on the sad river
The artist thought the boat still had a trip
I feel sorry for my sister who missed the village
I feel sorry for the unfinished sister these days
Then… then what do you say?
Hey! say this little word to me…
Then the blood returns to the heart
Destiny heals sister Charming finds her lips
My heart is warm again
Dead love has been revived
Sister from having an affair with love
Life is as fresh as a golden dawn
Whose heart engraved a word “she”
And her heart has a “guy” engraved on it
But love just to love
What more could you wish for?
One mistake two missed glue paint
I hope to reattach the frets of the bow
Then the other night there were tears
Send him off to the river, I’m back
Months passed through the door of the chamber
I sit and pick up pear petals at the end of the season

3 Face down in your hands
My sister cried for three days and three nights
– The blood has returned to the heart
But I can’t tie the Gypsy bird’s wings
The person who goes to build a fortune
I returned to the grass and the grave of my youth
The person who wears a shirt
I come back to sew the shroud and gradually miss it
The virgin hugs the foot of the bed
I cried with you at the innocent school
In the past that night this bed
Grinding teeth, eyes closed, frowning… extreme yet?
That’s the end of a dream
That’s a heartbreaking poem
Age of red cheeks and pink lips
Just step back to the husband’s house
Last night was full of rain and wind
But in my soul there is someone passing by
I love to marry my old mother
Don’t wait for me anymore but in vain
I’m not even living now
It’s like you’ve crossed the river and drowned

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Poem: Spring Rain (I)
Spring Rain (I)

I’m the girl in the loom
Weaving silk all year round with old mother
A young heart is still like a white silk tree
The old mother has not sold the village market far away

That day, the spring rain was blowing
The layers of oval flowers are full of fall
Dang village rowing festival crosses the alley
Mother said: “Than Doi sings tonight”

My heart feels a love affair
I stopped swinging between my pretty hands
Looks like my cheeks are red
Maybe I’m thinking of you

The four neighbors have lights on
I raise my hand in front of the eaves
Rain soaked hands with cold dots
Why didn’t he come to see it!

I’m sorry mom, hurry
Mom told me to watch it and tell me
It’s raining so I don’t get wet
Doai Village is only one way away

Doi hamlet sings all night long
I’m so busy looking for you that I don’t care
The bed must be cold tonight
Let me lie down and miss your finger

Waiting for you to come, you won’t come
But one day singing in the village
I’m seven years old, I’m dating
Let even spring be gentle!

I’m lost on my way back
There’s nothing short of a strip of dike!
Thin coat to cover the head of heavy rain
Cold and sad with late-night soup

I hate you until morning
The next day, my mother asked me what to sing
“- Sir they sing…” then I see
Tears welled up, I looked away

That day, the spring rain was afraid to fly
The cherry blossoms are broken at the foot of the shoe
Dang village rowing festival crosses the alley
Mother said: “Spring has run out of days”

Brother! Spring has run day
When you meet I?
When do you row Dang to cross the alley?
To your mother that sing tonight?

Here are the articles Nguyen Binh’s love poetryThe romantic, sweet and sweet Spring Quynh is compiled and selected by us to our readers, hoping to bring you moments of comfort and relaxation. Wish you will have love in this life

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