Tỷ giá baht thái lan

We also provide foreign exchange service lớn our customers through all offices within Cambodia. Presently, we offer the foreign exchange in 12 currencies such as: Khmer Riel, US Dollar, Tnhì Baht, Chinese Yuan, Euro*, Australian Dollar*, Vietnamese Dong*, Canadian Dollar*, Japanese Yen*, UK Pound*, Lao Kip*, Singapore Dollar*.

The below rates are updated on a regular basis, every working day. If you would lượt thích to have sầu the elapsed rates on any specific date, please select the date in the calendar icon.

Exchange RateThe exchange rate as of September 28, 20218:05 amCurrencyNotesTelegraphic TransferBidAskBidAsk
US Dollar (USD)KHR 4,112KHR 4,126KHR 4,112KHR 4,126
Tnhị Baht (THB)KHR 122.20KHR 123.70KHR 122.20KHR 123.70
Euro (EUR)KHR 4,397.37KHR 4,847.64KHR 4,397.37KHR 4,847.64
Australian Dollar (AUD)KHR 2,582.34KHR 3,032.61KHR 2,582.34KHR 3,032.61
Vietnamese Dong (VND)KHR 0.1678KHR 0.1834KHR 0.1678KHR 0.1834
Canadian Dollar (CAD)KHR 2,844.68KHR 3,287.60--
Lao Kip (LAK)KHR 0.2433KHR 0.4217--
Japanese Yen (JPY)KHR 33.9919KHR 37.4512KHR 33.9919KHR 37.4512
U.K Pound (GBP)KHR 5,139.59KHR 5,676.96KHR 5,139.59KHR 5,676.96
Chinese Yuan (CNY)KHR 595.08KHR 644.01KHR 595.08KHR 644.01
US Dollar (USD)THB 33.2983THB 33.7070THB 33.3600THB 33.9100
US Dollar (USD)VND 23,000VND 24,500VND 22,500VND 23,700
US Dollar (USD)CNY 6.2000CNY 6.9100CNY 6.4067CNY 6.6490
US Dollar (USD)JPY 110.17JPY 1đôi mươi.97JPY 110.17JPY 115.40
US Dollar (USD)LAK 9,768LAK 16,930--
US Dollar (USD)--SGD 1.3467SGD 1.3647
Australian Dollar (AUD)USD 0.6280USD 0.7350USD 0.6810USD 0.7350
Canadian Dollar (CAD)USD 0.6918USD 0.7968--
U.K Pound (GBP)USD 1.2499USD 1.3749USD 1.3124USD 1.3759
Euro (EUR)USD 1.0694USD 1.1744USD 1.1209USD 1.1749
triệu Euro (EUR)THB 35.6092THB 39.6024--