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Bạn đang xem: Tighten là gì

tighten controls/rules/regulation There were renewed calls to lớn tighten controls on imported products.
limiting the amount of money that people and companies are able to borrow or spover, for example, by increasing interest rates:
As clearly put, tightening the belts và wages of workers while loosening the market forces is a recipe for mismatch và disnội dung.
In addition, it tightened the eligibility requirements for disability and survivor"s pensions and reduced the benefits available for widows.
The propagation of resource constraints tightens the time windows of activities và infers the relative ordering for some pairs of activities sharing a comtháng resource.
Thus, for small degrees of misspecification, the central bank responds khổng lồ a positive cost shoông xã by tightening policy (as under the nonrobust policy).
The 1992 reform consisted of tightening up the parameters of the system for all post-1992 workers, while providing for state funding.
Following this xúc tích, national service requirements for university students have sầu been tightened in different ways from 2002 onwards.
Again, apart from macroeconomic và wage restraints, industrial policy subsidies were ended, regulatory oversight was tightened, & the big state banks were sold khổng lồ foreigners.
They tightened their control over labour in the early twentieth century and have sầu perhaps subordinated it more fully since 1947.
The political arguments & ideological debates ahy vọng the residents tightened each political circle, và drew its members together in a comtháng front.
The primary focus was on tightening the link between all of the various elements, especially the audio-visual connection.

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