Need lớn sover money trang chủ to Vietnam? You are similar to millions of Vietnamese citizens living abroad looking to lớn sover remittances trang chủ. In 2019 alone, Vietnamese workers abroad sent 16.7 billion U.S. dollars to lớn their friends và families. Remittances are so significant, that they take up 6.4% of Vietnam’s GDPhường. 

But as you probably already know, it’s not easy lớn skết thúc money trang chủ. High fees và unfavorable exchange rates mean that sending money is often expensive sầu. In fact, the average cost of transferring $200 lớn Vietphái nam from the US was over $14 in 2011. And not much has changed since. 

duhoc-o-canada.com is changing that.

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There are many ways you can skết thúc money to lớn Vietnam giới, but many of our customers use Vietcombank. You can sover money as a bank deposit or as a cash pickup in USD or VND. And you can traông xã it every step of the way on duhoc-o-canada.com’s app.

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More about Vietcomngân hàng

One of the oldest banks in Vietnam, Vietcomngân hàng has served individuals và businesses since 1955. It played a monumental part in post-war reconstruction and economic revival in Vietphái mạnh & continues to lớn offer various financial services today, including loans, investment opportunities, và e-banking. 

About duhoc-o-canada.com

At duhoc-o-canada.com, we are committed to lớn making it as easy as possible khổng lồ support family & friends overseas. With our app, you can transfer money khổng lồ any Vietcombank trương mục quickly & safely. 

Learn more at duhoc-o-canada.com.com or tải về the app.

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